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Disney World's EPCOT Theme Park - Technology Showcase

In EPCOT's Technology Showcase Disney blends Theme Park fun with Innovation, Science and stunning rides, including one of the fastest in Disney World. A fascinating mix of hands on experiments, wonders of the sea and land, and mans impact on our past and future. Disney's Technology Showcase can easily take a whole day to explore fully, and along the way it will thrill you with the natural beauty of the world surrounding us.

EPCOT Technology Showcase

As you make your way through the entrance way the skyline is dominated by the Geosphere Icon that serves as EPCOTS trademark and also houses Spaceship Earth. The attraction starts with a buggy ride through the history of man; as you spiral your way to the top of the sphere animatronic characters backed by a rousing orchestral soundtrack illustrate mans passage from the caves to modern day, from the Romans to information technology. As the ride comes to its end you disembark into a 'hands on' area where some of the rides themes can be explored further.

The area to the left of Spaceship earth houses the science based attractions including Universe of Energy and Ellen's Energy Adventure and also the two rides Mission SPACE and Test Track.

Mission SPACE has two grades of rides, one for the thrill seekers and the other for those that like their thrills a little less thrilling. Great fun and well worth while making time for.

Test Track takes you for a super fast spin in a new car test area as the designers struggle with skids, obstacle avoidance and environmental extremes. As of spring 2012 Test Track is closed for renovation, reopening in autumn 2012.

Heading over to the right of the geosphere, Technology Showcase highlights our world and our environment through attractions like Living with the Land, and the Seas with Nemo and friends.

The big ride over here is SOARIN an IMAX style flight over the expanses of California and the American West Coast. SOARIN is a very popular ride and queues can be long, FASTPASS tickets run out quickly so maybe head here first and bag yourself a FASTPASS ticket before enjoying other rides and attractions.