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Disney's Magic Kingdom - Adventure Land 

Adventure Land at Disney's Magic Kingdom Theme Park is a mix of the old and the new with the wonderful Johnny Depp inspired Pirates Of The Caribbean and the fantastic Jungle Cruise taking center stage. Turn left before Cinderella's Castle or approach from Frontierland and let the swashbuckling fun begin.

Make your way through dark pirate tunnels, stacked with gunpowder kegs, cannons and lots of lovely loot, to start your journey into Captain Jack Sparrow's world. Each boat carries around 20 and takes you winding through a pirate battle as Captain Jack and his crew of scoundrels do what they do best.

Despite its popularity, queues here rarely seem to be that long, even in busy periods waits are rarely longer than a few minutes. The setting is fantastic with great detail and plenty of action all around. Chances are by the time you get back to the quay you will be singing along to 'It's a Pirates Life for me'.

Jungle Cruise is a Disney Classic, invoking images from The African Queen. Your explorer guide and boat Captain will skillfully navigate you through the danger filled jungle waters. Expect lots of big game close encounters, as your Captain hams it up in the very best Disney tradition. Queues can be lengthy here so get in early or wait until one of the parades has reduced ride wait times.

Magic Kingdom Swiss Family Tree House

The Swiss Family Treehouse is a one way walking tour up and around the tree passing rooms and look-outs along the way. If you have time, then enjoy, however at busy times it can become nothing more than one long queue from start to finish.