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Disney's Magic Kingdom Orlando, Florida

Magic Kingdom Overview

Disney's Magic Kingdom is not just good it is fantastic! Really fantastic! Everything through-out the park is special, from the simplest detail on a restaurant menu to the spectacle of a night time parade, from the genuine enthusiasm of every cast member to the sheer brilliance of organization.

Magic Kingdom Night Parade

The evening firework shows are a very good example of the dedication to theme park perfection that makes Magic Kingdom so special. As show time approaches cast members will mark out the parade route with tape and ropes, that done they will take to entertaining the gathering crowd with skipping games and other distractions. Other cast members will move around the crowd to ensure all are safe and well, whilst still others will be offering drinks and souvenirs for sale.

As the lights progressively dim around the parade route and the parade starts to come into view the music will swell from countless invisible loudspeakers. As each float passes the music will subtlety change to suit the theme of that float, with computer control ensuring wherever you are on the parade route the music is correct for the float currently in front of you.

The floats pass, each teaming with dancers, actors and screen stars, all dressed in shimmering costumes and backed by thousands of twinkling lights, and its not just one or two floats but processions of them, they just keep coming.

And then as the final floats pass and their music dies away Tinkerbell can be seen flying towards the pinnacle of Cinderella's Castle to light the firework display, and here again we are not talking a few damp squibs but a crescendo of massive fireworks that fills the night for far longer than you dare image.

It is just fantastic.

As you move around the park you don't see litter or people moving the mass of food, drinks and other stores that are needed to keep thousands of holiday makers happy. Why? Well because when Walt Disney planned Magic Kingdom he planned for mile upon mile of underground tunnels so all these tasks can be carried on out behind the scenes.


Car Parking

You have to pay to use most Disney Car Parks the ticket though will cover you all day and can be used in any Disney Car Park during that day, so if you decide to hop parks you will not need to buy another ticket. If you are attending a night show, and have not been into the park during the day, you may find that on later evening arrivals the parking charge is waived.

Cinderllas Castle

The ever enthusiastic conductors on the parking trams taking from your car to the transportation and ticket centre will be sure to tell you that the Magic Kingdom car parks are the second largest car parks in the USA, and with that remind you of the importance of remembering where you left the car. The car parks are divided into named areas, Mickey, Donald, Daisy and so on with each of these sub-divided into rows. As you board the parking tram take good note of which area and row you are in, after a long day in a park you don’t want to be spending time at the end trying to find your car. That said in such an event, or with any other issues there are always staff on hand in the car parks to assist you.

Transportation and Ticket Centre

If you need to purchase tickets or exchange pre-paid vouchers for tickets then you will need to stop here, otherwise pass straight by the booths and head for the transportation.

 Disney Magic Kingdom Princesses

Monorail or Boat

Transportation is available not only to the Magic Kingdom, but via the monorail to EPCOT and resort hotels or via coach to other theme parks.

For Magic Kingdom the choices are a leisurely boat ride across Bay Lake or a trip on the monorail. The monorail will normally get you to the theme park quicker, but the boat offers great views of Bay Lake and Cinderella’s Castle.

Tickets and Bag Search

The last thing before entering the park is a bag search to ensure you are not bringing in any banned items. Note picnics are not allowed, but you can bring in snacks and bottled water (tip; freeze them to have cool drinks for longer).

On your first entrance into the parks your ticket has to be activated with a fingerprint scan, with subsequent uses requiring validation using the same finger. Once activated that ticket becomes yours, and can only be used by you, so be sure to sign the back to make sure tickets in your group don’t get mixed up.