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Disney World Orlando, Florida Typhoon Lagoon

The waves coming SCREAM!

If your idea of a wave pool is a gentle bob up and down, with perhaps the occasional splash as a bigger wave passes by, then think again, Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is in a whole new league. Neither Wet 'n Wild or SeaWorld's Aquatica get anywhere close in terms of size of pool and size of wave. Expect 6ft waves that are big enough to surf on.

In the setting of a Tropical Paradise, Typhoon Lagoon is set around a ship wrecked boat perched high above on the islands summit. The wave pool is at its base with rides a plenty snaking their way round the island.


Surf Pool

The Surf Pool with its white sandy beach and sun loungers is at the heart of Typhoon Lagoon. There are plenty of places to rest and soak up the sun, whilst those that want to play in the waves can do just that. The pool is designed to keep the beach from being washed away and has some shallow pools to allow the little ones to play. But of course the Surf Pool is all about the big waves.

The waves come in batches with a big klaxon and gushing water fountain from the ship wrecked boat announcing their arrival. The first wave is preceded by deep thump as the 6ft high wave emerges from the back of the pool to sweep you off your feet and leave you drenched on the shoreline.

As with Blizzard Beach the lifeguards are very well trained and always on the look out for your safety. You feel your family are very safe here.

It would be hard to pick a favorite water park from Disney's Typhoon Lagoon or Disney's Blizzard beach, both are fantastic and whilst offering similar rides are at the same time very different places. Typhoon Lagoon has the big waves and some great raft rides, where Blizzard Beach has supper fast slides, a Ski Lift, loads of raft rides and looks just fantastic. The only choice is to try them both!