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Universal Studios Theme Park - Orlando Florida 

Universal Studios Theme Park Orlando, Florida is a homage to the world of TV and movies, part working studio and park back lot tour, it is full of your favorite shows. Men In Black, ET, The Simpsons, Shrek and Terminator, they're all here along with fantastic shows including Disaster, A major motion picture starring you and Fear Factor Live. Expect big thrills a few shocks and big rides.

Men In Black

Watch out, fast moving Aliens ahead, get your trigger fingers ready and prepare to do battle. Men In Black - Alien Attack takes you on a twisting ride through alien infested streets, use your individual laser gun to shoot as many as you can, but watch out there are good guys too! Shoot the wrong ones and see your score plummet. A great fun ride suitable for all, although there is a minimum height requirement of 103 CM (42 inches).

The Simpsons Ride

Simpsons the Movie on the Big Screen comes to Universal as you join Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Bart in Krustyland theme park. The ride takes your cart flying over Krustyland and onto the rides, but watch out there's trouble brewing as Sideshow Bob tries to turn this thrilling ride into something far more sinister.

The Simpsons Ride is a very good and very clever ride and well worth queuing for, exercise caution though, if you suffer from motion sickness.

Rocket Ride


Prepare yourself to fight dragons, ride horses and save Princess Fiona as you join forces with Shrek and Donkey to do battle with the evil Lord Farquaad! Shrek 4-D adds physical interaction to the 3-D movie experience.

The Shrek theater is one of the first major attractions after the entrance and as such gets very busy early in the day. Rather than join a long queue, visit attractions at the back of the park first, returning here later in the day.


Don't miss this one, its an epic, a complete Disaster but an epic all the same. Join the crew of the next major Disaster movie as they take you through the filming process and give away those special effects secrets. Then join the subway train for a hair raising journey you will never forget. A great one for all the family.

Fear Factor Live

Buckets full of worms, glass tanks full of spiders, death defying high wire acts; your sort of thing? then sign yourself up for Fear Factor Live the show where you can be the star! Located at the back of the park and showing at posted times through-out the day, Fear Factor Live pits willing volunteers against each other in an extreme stunt show. Its great fun for the audience!