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Disney, Sun, Sea, Cheap Shopping & Friendly People

1.1 Million people from the UK visit Florida each year, with the majority of those bound for Orlando and the central Florida attractions. Apart from Disneyworld, Universal Studios and the other theme parks, what is it that draws so many people in? The sunny weather, a huge choice of holidays to suit every budget, friendly people and favorable exchange rates all do their bit to make Florida a top destination.

Lots of Holiday Availability

All the major package holiday companies, , Virgin Atlantic and Disney offer holiday deals to Orlando. All inclusive hotels, fly drive and villa holidays are available all year round with prices from budget to exclusive.

When you arrive in Orlando, whilst the temperature and surroundings make it very clear you are not in the UK there is also much that is very familiar. English is the primary language, food and drinks brands are much the same and with plenty of other Brits around there are always other people to lend support.


The sun shines in Orlando for much of the year, and whilst there is a significant amount of rainfall, during the summer holidays this comes in the form of short sharp downpours that last no more than one hour a day.

The winters tend to be dryer and significantly warmer than the UK, spring can have the most unreliable weather with longer spells of rain. Summers are hot, with thunderstorms bringing the chance of downpours in the afternoon, whilst these can be disruptive the rain can be a relief from the sun's heat. Autumn is dryer and cooler than high summer.

Orlando Florida Weather Average Temperature Chart

Orlando Florida Weather Average Rainfall Chart

Exchange Rate

Food, petrol, eating out and clothes are cheaper than the UK with the favorable  exchange rate of the last few years making things even cheaper still. Your holiday pound will go much further than in the UK, especially when it comes to the theme parks. The overall ticket price may seem expensive, but when compared to an equivalent day out in the UK, its very good value.


'Have a nice day' may sound like a cliché but its said with complete sincerity. Wherever you are people are genuinely pleased to see you, polite and want to give you their very best service. The cynicism and jobsworth behavior that can at times be a frustrating part of life in the UK is not, in anyway, part of the American way of life.


The American supermarkets are very similar to the UK equivalents. WAL-MART, the biggest chain owns ASDA with branding and product range shared between them. Publix, feels more like Sainsbury's with products to suit. You will be able to find all the same products you would purchase in the UK, plus lots more.

Supermarkets tend to be separate from the Shopping Malls with these offering the full range of 'high street' shops.


Big wide open roads, courteous drivers, modern safe cars and a high standard of driving make American roads pleasant and safe. Driving here is no more difficult than driving at home, and with the huge car parks and parking bays provided at all locations there is no trying to squeeze into little gaps. Whilst traffic can slow around the theme park entrances at peak times there are never the traffic jams you associate with big public gatherings at home.

Disney has a four lane motorway leading in and out of the parks, when the Magic Kingdom night show ends and twenty thousand people leave the park all at once there is never a traffic jam.